5 Most Popular Image Annotation Tools In 2022

Jan 19, 2023

Choosing the best image annotation services and tools for your startup or project is important. You should make an informed choice that is right for you. Of course, we are happy to put our own offerings first, and we are proud that our customers rank us as the number one best choice in 2022.

You should put yourself, your company, and your exciting project first, too.  Every image annotation tool serves to create an easy approach to data annotation. Not every tool is right for the job.

Data annotation tool kits consist of labeling tools, a connected database, and a human interface at minimum. Some platforms also have automated image analysis or automated data annotation.  Some use and support computer vision and the ability to create custom image annotation tools you might want.

Keylabs Demo

There are also image annotation tools and features to support deep learning better. Also, there are tools for medical data annotation and other more specialized tools. You should consider what you need and if the platform you choose has more features, you might want later along the way.

Also, what flexibility or customization is there that you might want to create a tool or program just for your project? Different kinds of AI projects can have very different needs. For example, a medical image annotation tool differs from other image annotation tools for computer vision.

What is the learning curve for your team to adopt the chosen technology and learn how to use a new platform and a new image annotation tool?

You should also consider the company behind the tools that they offer you. What is their support like? Can you simply outsource your entire data annotation project to them? Do they have the right experts and professionals?

Do they align with your own ethics and values? That can mean different things to different people. So, for example, do they stand with Ukraine? It is better to work with companies that stand on the same side as you on important issues.

There are also legal regulatory compliance and ethical considerations. The security of your database and your intellectual property is important to think about too. Choosing the wrong tools, company and platform can cause serious problems.

The Top 5

  1. Keylabs
  2. Img Lab
  3. SuperAnnotate
  4. Supervise.ly
  5. V7

Overview of the top 5

Number one. Keylabs offers one of the most holistic image annotation tool. It offers easy solutions to develop smart datasets. In fact, Keylabs offers a complete tool set for even the most demanding and specialized tasks.

Keylabs supports the platform, and you can outsource your image annotation project. Its data labeling services are the best to get your datasets done in the most effective way. The platform supports very large datasets of videos and pictures fast and high quality.

The second is Img Lab which is popular because  Img Lab is open source and even has IDE features. You can use their online image annotation tool without logging in online or offline. It is good for training object detectors that can provide customization. Img lab also has a lot of plugins. It supports a lot of kinds of labels and metadata too.

At three is  SuperAnnotate, which has a comprehensive feature set. It can be very fast for manual data annotation in a few clicks. So it's good for speeding up computer vision tasks if using it is within your budget.

Four is Supervisely, with a name that references supervised learning. Supervisely really offers an entire ecosystem of products and services. They have a special OS and platform combination for computer vision.

Last but not least is V7. They offer a fast image annotation tool with auto annotation. They have dataset management and model management. They have tools for video labeling and document processing. They also provide outsourcing services.

This is an exciting and competitive space. There are many tools and companies to choose from. Choose the best image annotation tools and company to work with. Choose Keylabs.

Image Annotation Tools
Image annotation tool | Keylabs


Keylabs: Pioneering precision in data annotation. Our platform supports all formats and models, ensuring 99.9% accuracy with swift, high-performance solutions.

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