Meet Keylabs

Video and image annotation tools built for scale


Short history of Keylabs

Our story began as an image and video annotation service provider. Being perfectionists in what we do, we were not satisfied with existing industry tools that would allow us to work fast and efficiently, especially when annotating video and large datasets. Many tools on the market were good... but not enough. So we decided to build our own toolset that would satisfy any inner perfectionist. There were many different challenges on the way, ranging from project management flow to data processing speed to data security to scalable storage and we were able to resolve them all. We took our years of experience and innovative thinking, combined it with productivity and data security, wrapped it into user-friendly design and got the best product on the market. Meet Keylabs, our all-in-one annotation platform.


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Great platform for image and video annotation

Keylabs is a great platform for all image and video annotation needs. The interface is user-friendly and everything is easy to use. The platform is highly customizable and can be easily set up for a specific project. Customer support is outstanding.

Collecting, annotation and tagging services

Communication, Professional attitude and great results.

Flexibility with the option to grow and decrease the number of employees.

Designed with the user in mind

Been using this tool for a few months. Things are pretty intuitive, there is nothing that takes more clicks to use than it should. It's definitely designed with the user in mind, by someone familiar with annotation work, the interface is not detached from the process. Now that I learned to combine fast automatic and precise manual work, I'm way more productive now.

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Great video annotation tool

Video annotation feature has been a lifesaver. We process a lot of HD video and the system is pulling its weight pretty nicely, object tracking works smoothly and process times are reasonable.

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