9 Data Annotation Tool Options for Your AI Project

Mar 10, 2022

Finding the right data labeling tool is important for any computer vision project. A streamlined data annotation process leads to precise training datasets and high-performance computer vision models.

However, the variety of options available for developers can sometimes be overwhelming. Knowing which computer vision annotation tool best fits your particular use case or application can be hard.

This blog will look at 9 of the most commonly used image labeling tools and detail their features and how much they cost. We hope this guide will help you find the right option to manage the project.

Keylabs Demo


Keylabs is designed for accelerated annotation in artificial intelligence (AI) projects. To achieve this the image and video annotation tool offer a number of streamlining features:

  • Quick outlining function and augmented annotation
  • Interpolation algorithms to track objects across multiple frames in video annotation
  • Videos can be labelled by multiple annotators at the same time without affecting quality and objects tracking
  • Integrate every pre-annotation type, in line with the needs of your project
  • Keylabs offers unique project management and workforce analytics capabilities. Keylabs workflow system links annotators and verifiers and distributes tasks between them efficiently
  • Each annotation operation is coupled with efficient keyboard hot keys
Data annotation tool | Keylabs


Labelbox improves data annotation with the help of AI-enabled image annotation tool, data management, an API for integration, and a Python SDK to easily add new functionality.

  • Labelling performance analytics
  • Interface can be customised for ease
  • AI-assisted labelling
  • Integrated data labelling services
  • QA/QC tooling and label review workflows

Labelbox is free up to 5000 images. They offer custom Pro and Enterprise plans beyond this.

Scale AI

Scale has ML-powered pre-labeling, an automated quality assurance system, dataset management, and project scheduling. Their AI-assisted data annotation process is geared towards autonomous driving:

  • ML-powered pre-labeling
  • Nucleus dataset management
  • Automated QA system with gold sets
  • Document processing features
  • Model-in-the-loop data curation

Prices start from $50,000.


V7 automates labeling tasks through a dataset project plan, image and video annotation, and autoML model training. Features include:

  • Automated annotation features that don’t require training
  • Composable workflows allowing multiple models and human in the loop stages
  • Dataset management that stays works at larger scales
  • Integrated data labelling services
  • Real-time collaboration and functional user experience

Prices start from $150. A Free 14-day trial is also available.


SuperAnnotate supports high-quality training datasets for a range of computer vision applications. Options include object detection, instance, and semantic segmentation, keypoint annotation, cuboid annotation, and video tracking.

  • AI-assisted labelling, developers can use their own models
  • Superpixels for semantic segmentation
  • Advanced quality control systems
  • Supports various formats through image conversion

SuperAnnotate has a 14 day free trial. Custom pricing is available as well as starter, pro and enterprise plans.


Dataloop provides services for a full computer vision project including: annotation, model evaluation, and model improvement with human led feedback. Dataloop also offers tools for computer vision tasks like detection, classification, key points, and segmentation:

  • Multiple data type support
  • Improved workflows within teams
  • Video support
  • Model-assisted labelling


This web based image and video annotation platform includes labelling with boxes, lines, dots, polygons and bitmap brush. Supervise.ly also has a Data Transformation Language tool and enables 3D Point Cloud. Other features include:

  • AI-assisted labelling
  • Multi-format data annotation & management
  • Develop and import plugins for custom data formats
  • Project management for different levels e.g. teams, workspaces, and datasets

The community edition allows 100 free images.

Hive Data

Hive Data is a fully managed annotation solution. The platform supports image, video, text, 3D Point Cloud annotation and data sourcing. In addition to basic annotation types, Hive Data offers multi-frame object tracking, contours, and 3D panoptic segmentation. Further options include:

  • Fully managed, end-to-end data labelling services
  • Pre-trained models
  • Optimised project management workflows
  • Multiple data type support
  • Available data sourcing


CVAT is a free, open source data annotation tool. It can be used to annotate images and videos. CVAT enables: object detection, image classification, and image segmentation. It allows annotators to use: boxes, polygons, polylines, and points.

  • LDAP
  • Supports a large number of automation instruments including automatic annotation using the TensorFlow* Object Detection API or video interpolation.
  • Semi-automatic annotation
  • Interpolation of shapes between keyframes
  • Dashboard with a list of annotation projects and tasks
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