What are Image Annotation Tool Use Cases in Artificial Intelligence?

Dec 15, 2022

Use cases describe how workers use AI products in a specific industry. There are several industries that use computer vision AI. These systems require image annotations for machine learning. The 7 best image annotation use cases today include:

  • Supply chain demand
  • Warehouse management
  • Security and surveillance
  • Agriculture
  • Transportation and traffic management
  • Sports and entertainment
  • Healthcare services and administration

Though these are the top ways image annotation tools are used in society, they are used in many more. You use artificial intelligence much more than you think! Below, we’ll talk about the details of these use cases. We'll also tell you how you can get involved in artificial intelligence development!

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Top 7 Image Annotation Usecases in AI and Robotics

Supply Chain Demand

Today's supply chain uses AI to keep track of global supply and demand. Computer vision can assess item sales and track production. It also helps determine which they can retire to prevent financial loss. Industrial robots can also use this data to identify errors in the production line and cut future defects. This can prevent companies from sending out damaged products to consumers.

Warehouse and Product Management

Along with supply chain demand, image annotation can help manage warehouses. Robots use AI image tools to scan and track product inventory throughout the warehouse. They can move through the warehouse to track inventory and adjust products as needed.

This helps prevent loss and provides a more accurate assessment of the warehouse. More accurate inventory means a more accurate assessment of financial loss and gain. This can prevent bankruptcies and layoffs due to human error.

Security & Surveillance

Image annotation is also used in the security industry. Security cameras often use skeletal image annotation and key point image annotation. These annotation types help monitor potential human and animal threats. Some systems have motion detection installed but only trigger if specific shapes are approaching.

In the event of a break-in, victims can turn this over to local law enforcement to help identify the intruder. Police can use this facial structure or body size data to find suspects.

Some security cameras are robots in and of themselves. Advanced security cameras are capable of following the motion of potential threats to avoid blind spots. They may also have security lights or alarm sounds that you can trigger automatically or manually.

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Transportation and Traffic Management

If you drive, you know how frustrating it can be to sit at a traffic light for several minutes. This is especially true when congested traffic isn’t even present. Image annotation can assess traffic patterns and make adjustments as needed.  

For example, a traffic light may change less if there is little opposing traffic waiting to pass. It may then change more at congested intersections. This is particularly true around high-traffic times such as 8 am and 5 pm.

Image annotation is also used to develop automated vehicles. For example, self-driving cars must use AI to assess roadblocks, pedestrians, traffic signs, and traffic lights. The safety of both passengers and pedestrians relies on this technology. After identifying these data points, the vehicle can take the next steps. These steps can include stopping, reversing, or changing direction.

Crops and Livestock in Agriculture

Image annotation is also often used in agriculture. Managing fields of crops and livestock has become significantly easier in recent years thanks to robotics and artificial intelligence.

For example, farmers rearing livestock can use drones with AI technology to count their livestock and even locate specific animal species in different fields. Image annotation makes this possible by identifying each animal type and adding how many times it identifies it in a given location.

Farmers can also monitor fields of crops using image annotation. Cameras with AI technology can be placed throughout the field to monitor the crops for potential health problems such as fungus or dehydration.

Advanced image annotation can identify these problems and even recommend solutions to heal the crops. They can also help farmers determine the next steps in growing and harvesting. For example, image annotation can identify the stages of growth in crops, so farmers know when to water, fertilize, or harvest.

Sports and Entertainment

If you love to watch sports, you’ll be pleased to find out that the sports industry uses image annotation in training and strategizing. AI computer vision can be used to analyze athlete movement on the field to better plan defense and offense strategies. This can boost teams’ chances of success in real games.

Image annotation is also used in home training for athletes and celebrities. Athletes and trainers can incorporate AI into their equipment to monitor fitness progress. It can also help correct posture and position for certain workouts, so athletes keep on track with their workout regimen.

Healthcare Services and Administration

AI image tools and robotics are both used in the healthcare industry. Workers can use automatic image annotation tools to locate and retrieve important documents. These documents can include patient files and medical records. Image annotation helps workers search for specific data in their database to find essential files quickly. This speeds up several behind-the-scenes processes involving documentation.

Advanced image annotation tools are also used to assess and diagnose patients. For example, machine learning image annotation can analyze data from X-rays or CT scans to diagnose. They can also determine a treatment plan. The attending physician then confirms this plan. In some medical settings, robots can use AI to perform minor surgeries based on the data provided.

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Image annotation is used in several essential industries worldwide. Without advanced image annotation platforms like Keylabs, AI wouldn’t be as developed as it is today. To learn about more industries companies like Keylabs serve, reach out to us on our website. We would love to help your team thrive in the fast-paced, incredible world of AI.


Keylabs: Pioneering precision in data annotation. Our platform supports all formats and models, ensuring 99.9% accuracy with swift, high-performance solutions.

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