Image Annotation Tools: The Game Changer For The 21st Century

Oct 27, 2022

Image annotation tools have taken the internet by storm. Businesses, architects, and medical professionals are using them on a day-to-day basis. The latest technology is a game changer.

They are helpful for companies and everyone occupying space in the world. Image annotation makes computer vision technology, an important prerequisite for AI, possible.

The tool allows your computers to get a deeper insight into visual data. This, in turn, helps it better analyze information, but more on that later.

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What Is Image Annotation, And What Important Functions Does It Perform?

An advanced annotation image tool performs labeling on objects in a dataset. The machine gradually learns the objects and gets the ability to recognize particular features of objects.

The best image annotation tool can perform many functions. It can

  • Recognize images
  • Recognize objects
  • Detect objects
  • Create models for computer vision
  • Segment images
Image annotation tool
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Using Image Annotation Tools - When Is It Necessary?

Image annotation tools can be used for greater accuracy and precision. Public data sheets contain millions of visual annotations.

Algorithms that detect persons or images on public datasheets are quite efficient. You don't need extra labeling to make the algorithms more effective. In some cases, image annotation tools are necessary.

Here are two such instances:

• Unique Tasks

Unique tasks don't have any previous datasets. Annotation image tools can be useful for them. For example, many corporations use these tools to identify items on a list.

• Restricted Data Accessibility

Even when the data is within your reach, you don't have permission to use it. Sometimes it requires constructing license agreements, which is both costly and frustrating. In addition, some industries protect their data under the guise of intellectual property rights. Police and forensic departments also protect their data from the public.

Working of Image Annotation Tools? 6 Easy Steps

Like any other tool, an image annotation tool is available in many forms. You can use an open-source annotation tool like CVAT. You can also hire an AI professional for the job. When using free sources, you will face some limitations.

Free tools accommodate menial requirements only. If you run a large company, you may have to hire a team of experts who use paid image annotation tools.

Although tools differ, most tools label objects and any labels that are available. Here are the basic steps involved

  • Choose the best tool-one that fulfills your requirements.
  • Create a unique dataset that contains visual data.
  • Specify which class labels of images you want to find.
  • Circle objects of images that you wish to find.
  • Next, select the specific class label for the encircled objects
  • Export the annotations using the correct format (JSON, COCO).
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Are There Any Open-Source Tools For Me To Use?

Not everyone can afford the high-end image annotation tool. Here are some great options for people who want to try free online image annotation tools.


One of the most recommended and best tools for labeling photos. It is user-friendly. Moreover, you don't have to install it. You can run it on a number of browsers. It is also suitable for completing small projects.

It not only supports a variety of annotation shapes but is also quite fast and does not come with a lot of lag. If you are a beginner and can not afford a paid tool, try this most modern and updated annotation image tool.


Keylabs: Pioneering precision in data annotation. Our platform supports all formats and models, ensuring 99.9% accuracy with swift, high-performance solutions.

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