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What is Automatic ML | AI-assisted Data Annotation

At its core, Automated Data Annotation, often referred to as ML or AI-assisted Data Annotation, is the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence to the process of labeling data. This could be in the form of categorizing images, tagging text, or any other form of data processing that requires identification and tagging for further machine learning tasks.

Traditional annotation methods rely heavily on human input, making the process time-consuming, especially with large datasets. AI-assisted annotation, however, leverages advanced algorithms that learn and adapt over time, allowing for faster and often more consistent data labeling. By integrating both machine efficiency and human expertise, it represents a balance between speed and accuracy, ensuring high-quality data ready for further analysis or training.

Pros and Cons of Automated Data Annotation

Speed and Scalability

Automated data annotation systems bring unparalleled speed to the table. Their ability to process large volumes of data ensures scalability, catering to projects of all sizes. This time efficiency is especially crucial in industries where timely data processing can provide a competitive advantage. With automation, projects that once took weeks can now be completed in days, ensuring businesses stay agile and responsive to evolving needs.

Data Validation

Despite their advanced capabilities, automated systems sometimes fall short in understanding subtle nuances, especially in intricate datasets. For instance, cultural contexts, emotional undertones, or specific domain expertise can be challenging for machines to grasp fully. This is where the human touch, with its innate understanding of depth and context, remains irreplaceable.

Data Validation

Keylabs: A Pinnacle Platform for Diverse ML Models

Keylabs stands out because of its inherent versatility. In a landscape filled with countless ML models, Keylabs stands as a beacon, offering an accommodating environment for a myriad of them. It's akin to a universal hub where diverse models can effortlessly blend, positioning itself as the quintessential platform for enterprises eager to harness prime AI technology.

Spotlight on SAM & YOLO

Within the extensive roster that Keylabs supports, two models particularly shine: SAM (Segment Anything Model) and YOLO (You Only Look Once).
Why these two models?
Efficacy: SAM and YOLO have gained renown for their unmatched efficiency in data annotation, processing data swiftly and with unmatched precision.
Adaptability: These models are impressively adaptable. Whether navigating the complexities of medical imaging, diving into the bustling world of autonomous driving, or decoding the dynamic domain of retail analytics, SAM and YOLO demonstrate an uncanny ability to mold themselves to the specific requirements, delivering top-tier annotation accuracy.

Custom Model Integration

Custom Model Integration: A Testament to Flexibility

As machine learning continues its rapid evolution, platforms must echo the dynamism and adaptability of the industries they cater to. Each business realm presents its own set of intricacies, challenges, and distinct characteristics. Generic solutions, while useful, don't always resonate with specific needs. Given this, the ML arena is witnessing a surge in custom models, meticulously designed to align with exact business goals and challenges.

Personalized Solutions for Distinctive Challenges

Flexibility, in today's world, isn't a mere add-on; it's fundamental. It's understood that in the quest for perfection, businesses often lean towards crafting custom ML models. These models emerge from intensive R&D, fine-tuning, and domain-centric knowledge, ensuring they resonate with the specific challenges and requirements of a given industry or task.

Effortless Integration within Keylabs

A custom, advanced model's value diminishes if the platform lacks the capability to support or incorporate it. This is where Keylabs showcases its prowess. Introducing a proprietary ML model to Keylabs is met with open arms and an optimized environment. The platform is intricately crafted to not only embrace but to amplify the strengths of custom models. From ensuring seamless compatibility and offering tools for enhancement to fine-tuning performance parameters, Keylabs ensures every bespoke model is given a fertile ground to excel and deliver.

Data Privacy: Our Commitment to Security

At Keylabs, we implement rigorous security measures to safeguard your information


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A video annotation platform for a range of industries

Keylabs data annotation tool online supports AI developers in many industries.
Our powerful video annotation platform allows innovators to create precise training datasets for many different applications:

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Annotated video data is essential for automated vehicles. Adding information to video frames allows AI models to learn how to move through dynamic environments.

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AI models are being used to automate security systems. Annotated video data allows AI systems to identify dangerous objects and suspicious behaviour and alert security staff.

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Annotated video data is supporting automated surgery technology. This technology could make operations safer in the near future.

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Smart robots could improve the efficiency of assembly lines and manufacturing. Video data is essential for the continued development of this technology.

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Automated drone technology has applications in a range of industries. Keylabs makes annotating video data for this technology easy and affordable.

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Agriculture and livestock management

Video annotation allows AI models to recognize when animals are injured or sick. This can improve yields and animal welfare.

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Applications for sports coaching and broadcasting need to be trained with accurately annotated video data.

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Virtual wardrobe applications can make online shopping easier. Keylabs helps developers create exceptional training data for these applications.


Keylabs: A Powerful Tool for Video Annotation

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Tap into decades of annotation experience from the team that created the Keylab video and image annotation tool.

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