How To Choose The Right ML Data Labeling Tool to Improve AI And ML Development?

Dec 1, 2022

Choosing the best annotating tool for your AI or ML model can guarantee its success. Thus, it is important to pick the right service to make your project reach its greatest potential. Before choosing a data labeling platform for your model, consider factors like work speed, precision, employed tools, management skills, and quality.

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What To Look For In Labeling Tools And Platforms?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are essential for computer vision-based projects today. It enhances AI recognition and creates quality AI and ML models that keep up with modern world applications. For this purpose, using labeling tools is common. These are software that makes quality-labeled training images and videos for AI.

Before choosing an AI or machine learning labeling service or software, you must remember a few things. These include the goals of the project, scaling expectations, etc.

You can also include the expectations if outsourcing the job. Moreover, your team may need to see several platforms to ensure your model is in the right hands.

You can use several tools and platforms for this purpose, some of which are easier to use than others. For example, open-source ones allow for developer modification, while free applications exist. But you should choose a tool for a project according to the quality you aim for. Doing this job yourself or tasking the AI designers with it will hinder productivity. Doing so would also distract from the actual design task.

Raw data is of no use to the machine and AI without proper data labeling. So, a good data labeling platform should save time, use advanced techniques, and boost productivity. Yet, with many tools available for this purpose, choosing one that aligns with your goals and long-term plans may be difficult. This is especially true for confidential projects, such as financial data annotation. Thus, you need to do intensive research about which tool is the best fit for you and your project.

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How To Determine The Labeling Tool Platform That Aligns With Your Goals?

You and your team need to do a lot of feasibility research to ensure you select the best AI or machine learning tool for your project. Following are some steps you and your team can take to ensure you choose the right platform.

Understand Your Goals

The foremost step to take is to define your aims for your project and its labeling. Next, create a work statement and list your expectations from the company or tool provider. These include requirements for scalability, the workflow of the project, and delivery requirements. The statement can also include payment information, customer service, support, and quality standards.

Try to define the parameters and requirements of your project that needs labeling. This can help you present your expectations and work statements in a better way.

Consider Your Options

Knowing the quality standards, work ethics, and past jobs of the service provider you are considering is important. Some things you should look into before selecting a data labeling platform are:

  • Prior experience
  • Quality of work
  • Commitment and punctuality
  • Safety and confidentiality of your data
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Tools used
  • Quality control procedures

Start With A Pilot Project

Using the data labeling tool platform for a trial project is better before handing over the original. Do so, especially if you plan on outsourcing the annotation job. This will help you understand the platform better. It will also prevent compromising your project’s confidentiality if something goes wrong. An example may be security issues.

If the working principles of the annotator during the pilot job please you, entrust them with tasks. If your partnership is long-term, ensure that their methods and tool usage progress and advance with time. Try to work with the labeling party to help ensure better improvement opportunities and results.

Researching before handing your project to the experts will help it reach its greatest potential.

Final Notes To Consider Before Selecting A Data Labeling Platform

The scalability potential of your project is exponential with the right AI and machine learning tool. Advantages include model precision, smoother user experience, faster and improved model training, etc.

The ideal AI labeling tool platform should use the intelligence of humans and modern software. Companies should also work on data labeling to support financial data annotation and their machine learning projects. The improved labeling techniques can help your project stand out and meet customer’s expectations.


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