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Segmentation lets you annotate complex images by separating different elements into multiple segments (or image objects) using unique colors and attributes. This makes it easy for annotators to create and review sophisticated data sets.

Image/Video Classification

Classification puts you in direct control of how you label images and videos. You can apply a single label or multiple labels, identify image similarities, and auto-switch between multiple images to increase labeling speed.

Shape Interpolation

Shape interpolation uses classless object tracking to improve the speed and efficiency of your annotators. Simply define a start and end point and Keylabs will use object localization across multiple frames.

Automatic Annotation

Annotate at scale with automatic annotations that work with any object. Let the Keylabs neural network annotate high and low-res images with no training required, so you can improve the speed and accuracy of your training data.

Data annotation project management made easy

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Manage every aspect of the annotation process

Keylabs is the ultimate video and image annotation tool for improving the visibility and functionality of your workflows. Assign annotation tasks and assignments to your teams, create timelines, and make better decisions using detailed productivity metrics.

We make it easy for you to organize and visualize project road maps with a project management-friendly image and video annotation tool.

Track everything down to the last click

Keep your workforce productive with detailed analytics that show how your annotators are spending their time. See every click, label, action taken, time spent, and more within a specific data set.

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Data quality assurance and verification

labeling quality control

Quality control you can count on

Try a video and image annotation tool that keeps your data accurate and your teams efficient—improving your workflows and providing you with actionable data. Keylabs reviews annotations, grades accuracy, flags errors, and assigns annotations to your teams based on performance.

Better data visibility for better results

Streamline communications between your managers and annotators with an image and video annotation tool that’s built with collaboration and scale in mind. Track inaccuracies in real-time, gather data to improve your workflows and performance, and implement scalable processes as you grow.

data labeling

Annotations for all types of images and videos

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Bounding Box

Simplify image processing by defining the boundaries and points of interest for an object.

skeletal icon


Define strategic points of interest on an image or video and track movements frame by frame.

polygon icon


Polygon lines let you annotate complex and irregular shapes using flexible polygon lines.

segmentation icon


Define individual elements in an image and video using color-coded segmentation.

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Points allow you to label points of interest and create text-based descriptions for them.

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Identify navigable spaces, paths, and other points of interest with accuracy using detailed polylines.

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This annotation type links individual pixels to specific objects, allowing for annotations that are separated or contain gaps.

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3D point cloud

Make your models more precise with the high-quality 3D Point cloud annotation of LIDAR scans.


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Tap into decades of annotation experience from the team that created the Keylab video and image annotation tool.

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