Keylabs platform 1.78 release

Nov 2, 2023
Keylabs Demo

🚨 Breaking News: Boost Your Workflow with Our New ML-Assisted Annotation! 🚨

The key point is that you can utilize all available machine learning models in each project, including those you have developed yourself.

ML models
ML models

Learn more about our new Automatic annotation tool on the  website.

Our statistics show that the data annotation process is twice as fast as manual annotation. The primary advice is to use highly-contrast photos. If you need any consultancy before using our services, we are here to help, as always. 🙂

AI annotation options
AI annotation options

Great, isn’t it?

Other Updates you could missed:

Added indication when there are unsaved changes in the editor

When there are unsaved changes, a red dot will appear on the “Save” button in the Editor. Tooltip on the save button will display a message: “There are unsaved changes”.

unsaved changes
Unsaved changes

Automatic saving in the editor

Users can now configure the editor to automatically save changes every few minutes.

Automatic saving
Automatic saving

This feature may be accessed through the context menu (right-click) on the save button. Selecting the “Configure Auto Save” menu item will bring up a dialog box where users can select whether to enable auto-saving, and set the saving interval.

Configure auto save
Configure auto save

When auto-save is enabled, a yellow dot will appear on the save button, and corresponding message will be added to the tooltip.

Take advantage of the new level of data labeling.

Keylabs’ Team.


Keylabs: Pioneering precision in data annotation. Our platform supports all formats and models, ensuring 99.9% accuracy with swift, high-performance solutions.

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