The Best Features and Instruments Using a Video Annotation Tool

Nov 22, 2022

Not all data annotation services are the same. Your team needs to think carefully about the types of tools to accomplish your specific tasks before choosing a data annotation company. Some of the best instruments offered in Keylabs’ data annotation services include:

  • Multiple data annotation methods
  • Quality control processes
  • Dataset management and organization
  • Employee management
  • Data extraction

Below, we’ll discuss why these features and instruments are essential to completing your data annotation projects. Keep in mind that Keylabs offers video annotation, image annotation, and document annotation. So their features apply to several annotation types. For questions or a quote, reach out to us via our contact information on our website.

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Multiple Data Annotation Methods

As previously mentioned, Keylabs offers a document, image, and video annotation tool for deep learning. We believe that offering multiple methods is essential for teams to accomplish their tasks. Your team’s projects are guaranteed to excel using Keylabs' multiple data annotation methods.

You can label and sort through important documents using document annotation tools. You can also label, identify, and sort through pictures using image annotation tools. If you plan to work with video, a video annotation tool for machine learning lets you identify and group multiple aspects. For example, you can modify roads, people, vehicles, and other specific shapes.

Having a variety of data annotation methods on hand lets you easily work in multimedia without switching platforms for each task. Working in one space makes work more efficient and can also reduce space on your computer. An online video annotation tool lets your team work in one place at one time without feeling scattered.

Data annotation tools
Data annotation tools | Keylabs

Data Annotation Quality Control Processes

Quality control is essential for all data annotation projects. Without quality control, you run the risk of losing or damaging your annotation data. This can result in significant amounts of lost work, time, and effort. Therefore, complex or long-term annotation projects should use data annotation platforms with quality control processes.

Keylabs reviews your annotations for accuracy. They will then grade for accuracy and flag any obvious errors for review. The system will then assign specific teammates’ errors for review based on their prior performance. This ensures that errors are always addressed quickly and directly by your team. The more efficiently your team can eliminate and prevent errors, the faster your team can provide solutions to your AI projects.

Dataset Management and Organization for Annotations

Data annotators have lots of information to work with. Datasets can make organizing this work much easier in the long run. The best outsourced data annotation services can help your team manage datasets and organize their workspace. Datasets can be sorted by title, size, type of data, and other factors. Data annotation systems can also arrange the datasets by sorting through complex data.

Managers and other authorized users can assign datasets to different employees to work on. In addition, some systems, such as Keylabs, can assign datasets to employees automatically based on past performance. These datasets will then be scanned for errors and reworked until perfect.

Employee Management Using Image and Video Annotation Tools

Data isn’t the only thing you have to manage in your data annotation platform! Managers also have to manage their team members while they work. This helps to ensure that everyone in the team is working at the same pace and accomplishing goals regularly. Many video annotation tool online platforms let you observe employee progress and manage their tasks. They can also assign tasks to employees regularly based on past performance or any criteria you set.

Tasks assigned can include specific types of segmentation or annotation. Some examples include:

  • Bounding box annotation
  • Polygon annotation
  • Semantic segmentation
  • Key points annotation
  • Lane annotation
  • Bitmask annotation
  • Skeletal annotation

You and the system can also assign team members specific errors for review and correction. If a team member has many tasks assigned to them at once, you can also reassign some of their tasks to another team member to balance their workload. You can also see team members struggling with tasks by checking their work time and progress.

Video annotation tool – quality control
Video annotation tool – quality control

Data Extraction Using Video Annotation Tools

Finally, the best video annotation tools can help you extract data as needed. Depending on your industry, you may need to extract more data than others. For example, you may have to remove specific names, keywords, images, or video frames at times.

The best video annotation tools can help you do this, which speeds up your work considerably. Workers in the medical industry, for example, may have to pull important records or research data regularly.

Because most automatic video annotation tools can help you do this, you need to make sure the tool also has security features. Protected personal information (PPI) or intellectual property (IP) is dangerous in the wrong hands.

High-quality online video annotation tools can protect your PPI and IP by putting security blockers on them. This will limit your team members’ access to certain information. This can also protect your clients from a data breach or stolen information. Your clients and team will be grateful for the protection from wandering eyes.


Data annotation can be tough work, but it doesn't always have to be. You can make your team’s job easier by ensuring your AI data annotation service offers a variety of instruments and features. Always make sure these features are offered by a reputable AI data annotation company like Keylabs, so you know you’re getting the best tools available. Contact us on our website to learn more about Keylabs data annotation services.


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