Keylabs: A Powerful Tool for Image Annotation

Image annotation is essential for a huge number of important AI use cases. By adding information to images we can create training data that allows exciting AI applications to work well. However, finding the right tool for image annotation can be difficult for AI companies. The wrong platform can lead to delays and increased costs.

Image annotation can distract leaders and researchers from the core development goals. Keylabs is an image annotation platform designed to streamline image labeling for AI training data. Our platform has innovative features and boasts attractive image annotation tool pricing. This functionality enables AI companies to train their models with more accurate image data.

Image Annotation Types

Keylabs makes image annotation easier for AI developers. Our platform features every image annotation type and technique.
This offers developers a large degree of flexibility. Keylabs can craft datasets that meet the needs of any AI project.
Image segmentation is an important part of dataset construction:

semantic segmentation

Semantic segmentation

This is the most commonly used form of image segmentation. It involves separating each pixel in an image into classes and then labeling them.

Annotators use a polygon annotation tool to outline objects so that they can accurately capture their shape. Any background features, like sky or trees, are also assigned labels and highlighted. This means that every pixel in the image is connected to a label.

Instance segmentation

The annotation type adds further granularity to images. Whereas semantic segmentation assigns every occurrence of an object to the same class, instance segmentation identifies each time an object occurs. When there are more than one of the same object in an image then both will be given their own label and highlight colour. By doing this it is possible to further enrich image training data.

instance segmentation

Image annotation techniques

Keylabs is an image annotation platform online that features every labeling technique. AI companies can use this range of techniques to construct training image data that fits the needs of their models. Competitive image annotation tool pricing also makes Keylabs an attractive choice for AI developers. The following techniques can be used to power a huge number of AI applications:

bounding boxes

Bounding box annotation

This is the most common annotation type. Using the Keylabs image annotation tool annotators drag boxes around targeted objects. This technique is quick and simple. However, it does not capture as much detail as other methods.

Polygon annotation

The Keylabs platform allows annotators to outline complex shapes. By connecting small lines around an object annotators can precisely define its shape. This process is known as polygon annotation.

polygon annotation
skeletal annotation

Skeletal annotation

Many AI applications are designed to interpret human bodies. Skeletal annotation trains AI models to do this. Annotation tools allow annotators to attach lines to images of humans, locating limb positions and body shapes.

Key points annotation

This technique uses points to locate important features. One common example of key point annotation is facial feature labeling, where points are used to identify noses, eyes, lips, etc.

points annotation
line annotation

Lane annotation

This annotation technique is primarily used to identify roads, railway lines, pipelines, and other linear structures. Annotators trace the shape of these features using annotation platform tools.

Bitmask annotation

This annotation type links individual pixels to specific objects, allowing for annotations that are separated or contain gaps.

bitmask annotation
custom annotation

Custom annotation

All of the above annotation techniques can be combined to accomplish specific annotation goals. Keylabs image annotation platform online gives AI companies flexibility and options when planning annotation projects.

An platform for a range of industries

Keylabs can create effective training images for any AI use cases.
The affordability and flexibility of Keylabs can help transform AI applications in a range of industries:

automotive icon


Image annotation allows automated vehicle AIs to understand road signs and other road objects.

security icon


By labeling images of suspicious objects Keylabs helps AI applications to support security staff.

medical icon


Medical image annotation can help AI modes to diagnose diseases and improve patient outcomes.

robotics icon


Image annotation can help manufacturing robots operate in chaotic factory environments.

aerial icon


Keylabs can create powerful image datasets for drone based AI systems.

agriculture icon

Agriculture and livestock management

Annotate images of plants and fields are the basis of plant growth monitoring systems.

sport icon


Keylabs image annotation can allow AI fitness apps to guide home workouts.

retail icon


AI can make online shopping easier. Image annotation makes virtual wardrobes possible.


Keylabs: A Powerful Tool for Image Annotation

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