Keylabs: An advanced labeling tool for AI innovators

Keylabs is a labeling tool that makes annotation easier, more flexible and more precise. Our platform is supporting AI companies and helping to develop a new generation of AI applications. The wrong annotation platform can lead to delays and mistakes in training datasets.

The right platform can streamline dataset creation and lead to better functioning models. Keylabs offers unique advantages and competitive data labeling tool online pricing to AI companies.

Labeling tool online: unique advantages

data labeling platform

The Keylabs data labeling platform has been built by annotation experts to deliver high performance features and unique management systems. Keylabs can be installed, set up, and supported on your premises, wherever they are located. You can assign user roles and permissions for each individual project or for platform access in general.

User roles include: annotator, project manager, superuser, and admin. Our data labeling tool online has a track record of handling large datasets without compromising on efficiency or accuracy. Keylabs performs, without crashes or significant slowdown, regardless of the size of the project.

Additional annotation features also help to create precise, practical datasets:

  • Keylabs allows annotators to define the depth, or z order, of annotated objects.
  • Objects can also be linked together in a “parent/child” relationship.
  • These objects can also be marked when they are out of video frame for a period of time, then caught when they reappear, using object timeline features.
  • You can also give each object a unique visual identity, to locate them across multiple media files.
  • Keylabs also supports the creation of metadata, including hierarchical structures.

accelerated annotation

Accelerated annotation

The Keylabs data labeling platform is designed to work faster than traditional annotation techniques. To achieve this the data labeling tool online incorporates a number of streamlining functions:

  • Each annotation operation is coupled with efficient keyboard shortcuts.
  • Our quick outlining function can identify the shape of an object, and create a polygon label automatically.
  • Keylabs uses linear interpolation to track objects across multiple frames.
  • Longer videos can be chopped into chunks and given to several annotators. These chunks can then be seamlessly merged back together whilst preserving object tracking.
  • Keylabs also supports augmented annotation, which uses machine learning to further automate the labeling process.
  • Furthermore, if your data already contains existing annotations, they can also be uploaded onto the tool.

Project management capabilities

Keylabs offers unique project management and workforce analytics capabilities. Our workflow system links annotators and verifiers and distributes tasks between them efficiently. Finally, an API for realtime statistics allows you to keep track of metrics such as annotation speeds, and number of errors. This enables managers to promote workforce productivity with detailed analytics that show how annotators are spending their time.

project management

A labeling tool for industry

The Keylabs labeling tool online boasts a full range of annotation techniques.
This offers developers the flexibility to create AI applications for many different industries:

automotive icon


Autonomous vehicle development can be accelerated with the help of Keylabs. Our platform is designed to make semantic segmentation easy and accurate. Segmented data ensures that autonomous vehicle AIs can operate in dynamic environments.

security icon


AI models can help security staff by identifying dangerous objects and suspicious behaviour autonomously. Bounding boxes are a quick way to label these objects in training images.

medical icon


Annotated medical images can help AI models to identify diseases and direct patient care. Polygon annotation is essential for medical image annotation because it allows for the outlining of complex shapes, like skin lesions.

robotics icon


AI for robots can make production lines safer and reduce operational costs. However, AI models for manufacturing must be able to cope with fast moving environments. Video data allows AI models to interpret movement. Keylabs is designed to make video annotation simple.

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Drones, powered by AI systems, have applications in many fields. Instance segmentation techniques can make drone based AI models more precise.

agriculture icon

Agriculture and livestock management

Smart agriculture can increase yields and improve animal welfare. Keylabs offers a range of options for developers working in this vital industry.

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Keylabs can improve dataset creation for the sports industry. Home fitness applications and broadcasting systems can all benefit from accurate dataset creation.

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Many retail AI applications require facial recognition capabilities. Keypoint annotation locates facial features in training images. This training data is used by AI innovators to create responsive retail AI applications.


Keylabs: A Powerful Labeling tool

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